WWE 2k18 – Creating A Custom Wrestler Made Easy?


You know is an important element like to any thing in life and playing a video game like wwe is one of them. Having to create a custom wrestler must be fun and a lot easier. However, this was not the case in the 2k17 version. This part of the game was not fun at all. It was a gamer has to wait few seconds to see each item to be loaded. Now, that’s awful, isn’t it? It would be great that the process of creating a custom wrestler will be simultaneous. No more waiting for seconds to do this.

When the player is so eager to play the game and has only a few seconds to waste on the choosing part, then WWE 2k18 should have an improvement on this one. A player does not want to wait for ages to have a wrestler look the way he or she should be according to the player’s taste. It would be great when developers are going to see that this feature needs to be enhanced. Yes, every player is super excited to play the game. For sure they want their wrestlers to look the way they want them to be but at a fraction of the time compared to the 2k17 version.

For wwe 2k18, are we going to see an improvement on the creating a custom wrestler feature? Who knows? It would be up to us to discover as soon as they release the update. It will be great fun to see how they resolve this issue or indeed they have resolved it to please players like us.

Can’t wait to see and play wwe 2k18 and start playing around the creating a custom wrestler. For sure, there is something new in this area for gamers to test out.