Tips in looking for the best size for a ping pong table


If you are playing table tennis and you are now planning to buy ping pong table, then you must know the exact size of ping pong table that you are planning to purchase. In any case, you can buy any size as long as you are comfortable but when it comes to competitions on table tennis the size of the table must be exact on what is the standard so it is highly advisable that you follow the same size in order to train yourself playing on that kind of ping pong table.

Table stats
Basically, the ITTF requires that all ping pong tables used in competitions and match should be about 2.74 m long and 1.525 m wide. To put it simply, you just have to look for a ping pong table that is about 9 by 5 feet only. For the table top, make sure that it is about 76 cm above the floor and it is equal on the whole surface as well. It doesn’t really matter what material your ping pong table is made for as long as it can accommodate you and can make you play comfortably at your own expense.
Most ping pong tables are painted in black with white markings. Once ping pong table is measured by 9 feet x 5 feet it is automatically recognized as the competition sized ping pong table or ITFFA-approved table. There are some tables that are smaller than the size of the official ping pong table and as what we have mentioned above, it will eventually depend on the player on where he is comfortable the most. If you are in a budget then you can consider buying the smaller one instead because they tend to be cheaper than the official size of a table tennis table.